Our twin roller Dastek dyno 2WD unit with an eddy current brake/retarder is capable of 750whp with sufficient traction, some 4WD cars such as VAG group haldex and BMW X-Drive based systems can still be ran on this dyno by methods of disabling the system temporarily. We use a large axial fan to simulate real world air flow that is consistent and high flowing with low pressure capabilities.

A power run on the dyno will measure your vehicle's horsepower and torque and populate the information into a graph, allowing you to see how your vehicle is performing. The majority of customers who want this service are looking for the peak horsepower and torque at any particular RPM.

Our dyno offers more than just the production of dyno graphs. With the ability to simulate road conditions, we also offer diagnostics and data logging services. Running a vehicle on the dyno whilst logging the run by capturing data from the ECU will allow us to look at how the engine is performing and whether there are any issues. This allows us to find faults that you would not be able to simulate on the public roads, including running issues or unusual behaviour.

Single Vehicles

3 Dyno Pulls £90 (with data logging upon request)
Additional Pulls £10

Dyno Day

(minimum of 10 vehicles, group discounts may be available if this threshold can not be met)

3 Dyno Pulls (Per vehicle) £40
Additional Pulls £10

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