EGR Removal/Delete

We can remove the EGR system using a EGR Delete Kit or, depending on where the EGR Valve sits within your vehicle, by using blanking plates. This means your vehicle ECU will not receive any signal from your EGR Valve, and you can reap the benefits of removal, which include:

  • Improved Economy
  • A Lower Engine Temperature
  • A Significant Reduction in Carbon Deposits
  • A Reduction in Oil Contamination
  • Improved Throttle Response

It is important to note that EGR Valves shouldn’t be removed if your vehicle still has a DPF Filter. It is illegal within the UK to drive with the DPF removed and this will result in your vehicle failing its M.O.T. It should also be mentioned that if you remove the EGR valve, your vehicle will need an ECU remap/software adjustment for it to function without the DPF or the EGR valve present. JBM Performance accepts no responsibility if you fail to comply with the rules and regulations set out by the government as a result of using this part on public highways where it is prohibited.

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