MK7 Golf R | Air Lift Performance Install and Repair

At JBM, we've installed many Air Lift Performance kits over the years, but recently air suspension installs and repairs have been Jack's forte. As official Air Lift Performance resellers and installers, we provide quality air ride installations and repairs. Our technicians trained in pneumatics and electronics ensure a safe and reliable installation to give you the fitment and the usability you need.

If you're new to the concept and you're asking "what is air suspension?" I would recommend reading up on it. It might be exactly what you're looking for to get your car sitting how you want, whilst maintaining comfort, functionality and still being able to beat on it.

Jack's previous line of work was with pneumatics, hydraulics and electronics. Combine his knowledge with his motor vehicle skills and he really knows how to put together a reliable air suspension setup.

One of the common misconceptions about air suspension is it's completely unreliable. However, if you have the kit installed correctly by someone who understands the physics of the system and its components, you will end up with a flawless install.

Pictured is Jack's repairs that he carried out on a MK7 Golf R which arrived after a new customer who had just bought the vehicle said the wiring was smoking under the bonnet. As it turned out, whoever installed this kit initially never fitted a fuse and wired the ground wire incorrectly, resulting in the smoking the customer described, which could easily have led to a fire.


We supplied and fitted a new single Viair 444C Compressor, the same as was originally fitted, which had burnt out and the wiring had significant damage. This is because there wasn't a fuse for the power feed.



After completely rewiring the power feed, the switch from the ignition live and creating a reliable ground, the cables were run through to the front of the car out of sight behind or under trim panels.

Now the air ride system should function as expected, we began to look for the air leak. Jack charged the tank, released air into the bags and sprayed the solution on the airbags, lines and any fittings which would expose any air leaks as bubbles.



We found leaks from the fittings and both of the front airbags, so we replaced them with the Slam Series Air Lift Performance strut assembly and trimmed the line that wasn't cut straight, causing an air leak. Following this we replaced the rear kit with the new, revised version as one of the arms had been damaged, and had sheared due to some kind of incident which led to the vehicle being brought to us on a recovery truck.

The final step after everything was fitted was to calibrate the air ride system with the controller, inspect and test.

As we hoped, everything ran great. The only addition we would have liked to have installed would have been a second compressor to charge the tank a bit faster. Otherwise, a great install once complete.

If you are looking to dial in your fitment and want to go down the route of fitting air ride, I strongly recommend getting in contact with us for an installation quote. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about the products and installation.

You might be starting with a bone stock vehicle, but that is often the best way. Repairing an install completed by someone else is often harder due to the diagnostics and fault finding required. We often find that we end up stripping out a significant amount of the components currently installed anyway to ensure every part of the air ride system is as reliable as possible.

One reason why it's so important to produce a reliable installation is because usually if one part fails, it can leave you stranded at the side of the road, even struggling to get onto the back of the recovery truck without damaging your car.

Including our installations and repairs, being registered Air Lift Performance resellers allows us to source any Air Lift Performance parts necessary. From tanks and air-lines, to struts and controllers. You need it, we'll provide it.

We are based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire and would be happy to work with you on your project, so if you are looking to have an Air Lift Performance kit installed or want faults on your existing kit diagnosed or repaired, please call us on 0114 276 8193, or fill in our contact form here.

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