Is your VAG Group ECU/TCU software up to date?

Here at JBM, we are tuning and diagnostics specialists but did you know, we also offer manufacturer software updates for your engine ECU and transmission TCU?

In most cases you will generally only receive these at the dealer because most garages don't have the capability to update the software.

An ECU (Engine Control Unit) or TCU (Transmission Control Unit) is essentially the brain of your engine or transmission (gearbox), and controls everything from your engine or transmissions performance, including responsiveness, power and fuel economy.

Software updates will usually contain changes to rectify existing issues or prevent faults in the future. These are both available for the engine ECU and the transmission TCU for your automatic transmissions. (DSG/S-Tronic). Think of the software updates in the same way a manufacturer will revise a hardware item, they will make changes to rectify issues or improve on the design to prevent failures or to increase durability. Software changes may be implemented to increase fuel economy, smoothen gear changes / increase the speed of changes or alter the shift points when changing gear to improve the drivability of your vehicle.

If you are aware of the VAG Group Dieselgate scandal, then you may know that the VAG Group had to recall vehicles and perform software updates on to comply with emissions regulations. Great news, right? Not exactly. The issue with the changes they have made, is since this update, components such as the EGR system and DPF have significantly increased wear. We have the ability to roll-back changes to prevent the strain on these components and restore lost MPG.


If you'd like to find out if your vehicle has any outstanding updates available, we will scan your vehicle for free.

At this moment in time, these updates are currently for VAG Group vehicles only, however we will be offering them for BMW and Mercedes in the future.

This service is ideal for vehicles with reoccurring faults that are rectified by updating the software on your ECU/TCU and are on stock software. Prices starting from £72 for updates. We can give you a more accurate price if you supply us with your vehicle registration.

Please note, manufacturer software updates will remove any existing software alterations (maps) you have on your ECU/TCU. Therefore, if your vehicles engine or transmission has been tuned and you wanted the software updates, you would need your vehicle mapping again after carrying out the updates.

To enquire, please call us on 0114 276 8193 or fill in our contact form here.

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